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Articles Written While at Windlight Magazine now Kultivate Magazine [July 2015 to February 2016]

Currently you may view these online at Kultivate Magazine [formerly Windlight Magazine]: Any reproduction or usage of these article must be approved by Kutivate owner

Published by Saoirse Heart
Art critic for SL art community publication Windlight Magazine. Artist and art historian in training, always learning ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
**Virtual Reality at Sundance** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Posted on February 7, 2016bySaoirse Heartinreal life, saoirseheart, windlight magazine

“Sundance was started as a mechanism for discovery of new voices and new talent” -Robert Redford
Sundance Institute, founded by stage and screen star Robert Redford, has an annual program called the Sundance Film Festival. If you already know that you are in good company, w…