Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Art n the Metaverse [my podcast] and Undressing Underground Interview

Art in the Metaverse with Saoirise Heart-New Podcast Show From Windlight Magazine!

I am pleased to announce the start of something new: Art in the Metaverse with Saoirise Heart, The Windlight Magazine Art Critic! This new component of Windlight Magazine will debut weekly and will feature Saoirise covering a variety of art topics. You can listen to the first episode below and if you would like to be on the show, contact SaoirseHeart Resident in Second Life.

case you haven’t figured it out by the avatar posted above this, today’s episode is about Second Life! I get a tour of various artsy things in Second Life from SL resident and Windlight writer/podcaster, Saoirse Heart!
This is a scene I’m fascinated by, mostly because I thought Second Life had been dead for at least 5 years.
But it’s not! Not only that, but Second Life artists are still getting grants and people are still paying for the work they produce inside the game (sorry, I’m going to keep calling it a game).
Places we check out include a sandbox, the Chelsea Hotel, an interactive version of Macbeth, and a pub (seriously).
You have two options for consuming today’s episode:
Option one is you can download the audio only podcast on iTunes, FeedBurner/RSS, Stitcher, or by clicking here and doing the whole right click > “Save As…” deal. If you do that you’ll also get to hear the weird voicemail that was left for us last week.
Option 2 is that you can watch the entire tour in the YouTube video embedded below.


Or you can do both. I don’t care. I’m not your mother or your father (Blerg is).
Submit your guest suggestions, short stories, songs, and poems! Just leave them in the comments or send us an email at rob AT undressingunderground DOT com or kandu AT undressingunderground DOT com.
Speaking of guest suggestions, feel free to submit yourself! If you’re doing an interesting thing or are part of an interesting culture, we’d like to hear from you.
You can also leave me a voicemail about whatever at 260-PUNK POD. We’ll play it at the end of the next episode.
And hey, you can now follow us on Twitter! Kittens and I are on there individually, but now Blerg is secretly running our official Undressing Underground twitter handle.
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