Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BURN2 Spotlight Builder : Seesha Shows All [Post 10]

I figured if I showed some pictures of my plot that would make my exposure equal to the other builders.  In this post I am taking one step further; I am showing you every part of my plot as it is today.  It should be completed tomorrow with

142 of 146 Prims used.....

It all began like this.....and I thought I was almost done....

I really liked my giant guy, I had a clear idea of my message....but I guess I didn't "love" it because shortly after this I began systematically tearing it down and replacing items.  The only part that I kept true to myself was a series of mirror image pictures I almost completed my plot looks like the photos below;

My campsite is up on a cloud "pad" I have made, here it is:

My installation is titled "Tempestas" which is latin for storm, all the debts are on the sign I put up...and look for the rotating globes :) Hope you enjoy the pictures...

FREEBIES are in the rotating globes...see them in pictures....

The remaining about 25% is almost done...and here is the largest part of it :^) I made pose balls
and it has a lot of water...needed to use the space at LEA5 Sandbox to finish this one

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