Saturday, September 26, 2015

BURN2 Sneak Preview 2 [Post 3 from this camper]

As I wrote yesterday...
~~Many sites are still under construction, there may be one or two that are completed~~
...the theme is 

Carnival of Mirrors 

Here are today's pictures, a mixture of campers, camps and parts of exhibits...each day it becomes more and more colorful...the people are great!!!  And R2D2 was pushing me around.  I love being able to hop in my car, on my bike...and just GO :D

I admit to more pictures of me than is necessary...people pictured in these pictures are:
Thea,Oxygen, Mia and me :)

Master Oxygen

Tower I built today while in was BEAUTIFUL yellow :)

Thea's Bum

R2D2 pushing me around


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