Saturday, September 26, 2015

BURN2 DMV : Department of Mutant Vehicles, Magic Wall and more pics [Post 4]

Who will take care of you walking for hours around the playa?  Well Pian0man and the DMV group have been putting up these stations throughout the playa just for you.  Using a demo art car, or some just on their own, vehicles were given to Pian0man to put into the art car area.  ~You~ will be able to rez a car to take you about the 2 SIMs.
Part of the Burn magic....
you ~can~ walk through doors
this one is at pian0man's plot

Burner Burned out :)

Snowlord AFK
Your Profile pic is displayed on part of this exhibit :)

Not Saying we were star gazing a long time....but the sun did go down and we saw this:

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