Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Looking for Kara

Last night I had a rare opportunity, I followed a friend's advice and visited:

~ ~   Tillicum Island, Tillicum Island (103, 141, 27) - Moderate  ~ ~

and who do I spy sitting on the bench, AFK?  Kara!   So I promptly sit by her, take a picture and post it to Facebook...which as I hoped.....she saw that post before my IM in world...

I laugh out loud many time in world....this time I laughed so hard....had to take a bio break...

So I gladly dedicate my first blog post here to her.....Kara Trapdoor...

Check out her blog...it is what I aspire to create some day :)


1 comment:

  1. LOL I'm still laughing over that. Sooo funny that I heard the FB "ding" and was surprised to see that pic of you sitting by me.. I had long ago gone AFK from my beautiful resting spot in SL .. but looked in and there you were inworld and in FB next to me... was a "gotcha' moment hahaha



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