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You Already Know....For Those You Only Know in First Life

Best all around informational vids on 'what second life' is...without show casing the negative are these two:

Of course as always, on my blog, IMHO

In the future I will combine these two vids, if you have others send me the links.

Artfully Yours,
Saoirse Heart

Tillicum : SL Photographers Paradise Leaving World Soon

Created by an SL photographer for SL photographers and all others to enjoy; a scenic spot providing beautiful settings for everything from landscapes to more intimate style imagery. Explore, stay awhile, and don't forget to bring your camera.

Here are my photos of my recent visit....I wonder if the creators borrowed the name from the location outside of Seattle, Washington USA....

Looking for Kara

Last night I had a rare opportunity, I followed a friend's advice and visited:

~ ~   Tillicum Island, Tillicum Island (103, 141, 27) - Moderate  ~ ~

and who do I spy sitting on the bench, AFK?  Kara!   So I promptly sit by her, take a picture and post it to Facebook...which as I hoped.....she saw that post before my IM in world...

I laugh out loud many time in world....this time I laughed so hard....had to take a bio break...

So I gladly dedicate my first blog post here to her.....Kara Trapdoor...

Check out her is what I aspire to create some day :)